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What is reverse geocoding?

Reverse geocoding is the process of converting GPS coordinates into a readable address, street or place. For example, "51.499403,-0.127362" becomes "Westminster Abbey, London, SW1P 3PA, United Kingdom".

Using the Swiftcomplete Reverse Geocoding API, you can convert a latitude, longitude into an accurate postal address, or generate a list of the closest addresses or places to a GPS coordinate.

Integrate the API or npm package in minutes with the reverse geocoding documentation & code samples.

How it works

Swiftcomplete's reverse geocoder works by searching for the closest matches to your provided coordinates. This is either calculated by straight-line distance, or by checking whether the coordinates are situated within a polygon (e.g. a country).

Depending on your use-case, reverse geocoding can operate at different levels of resolution or accuracy:

Address level

Exact address

Exact address level reverse geocoding
  • Coordinates for each individual property
  • Best possible data accuracy
  • Returns nearest postal address to your coordinates

Address range

Address range reverse geocoding
  • Range of house numbers on a street
  • Finds approximate house number
  • Works best where houses are spaced evenly on the street

Street level


Street level reverse geocoding
  • Finds the closest street to your coordinates
  • More accurate in countries where street polylines are available rather than centre-point coordinates

Place level


City & town reverse geocoding
  • Nearest city, town, village or suburb
  • Measured by distance to the centre-point of the locality


Postcode & ZIP code reverse geocoding
  • Closest postal code or ZIP code
  • Measured by distance to the centre-point of the postcode

Region level


State, county & admin area reverse geocoding
  • Nearest state, county or admin area
  • More accurate in countries where polygons are available rather than centre-point coordinates


Country reverse geocoding
  • Nearest country
  • More accurate where polygons are available rather than centre-point coordinates

Data availability varies by region. Less granular datasets (such as region level or place level) are more cost effective, whereas high-resolution address level datasets provide the best possible accuracy.

If you need help choosing the best data for your project, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Integrate Swiftcomplete Reverse Geocoding

Swiftcomplete's reverse geocoding is available through a simple API, or via a npm package:



npm install @swiftcomplete/reverse-geocode

Making a request

const swiftcompleteReverseGeocoder = require('@swiftcomplete/reverse-geocode');


(async function () {
    let results = await swiftcompleteReverseGeocoder.reverseGeocode('51.499403,-0.127362', {});



        "primary": {
            "text": "Westminster Abbey",
            "highlights": []
        "secondary": {
            "text": "London",
            "highlights": []
        "type": "",
        "isContainer": false,
        "geometry": {
            "centre": {
                "lat": 51.499462,
                "lon": -0.127448,
                "type": "address"
        "distance": {
            "units": "m",
            "measurement": 9,
            "type": "biasTowards",
            "geometry": {
                "centre": {
                    "lat": 51.499403,
                    "lon": -0.127362
        "populatedRecord": {
            "lines": [
                "Westminster Abbey",
                "SW1P 3PP",
                "United Kingdom"
            "label": "Westminster Abbey\nLondon\nSW1P 3PP\nUnited Kingdom"

Data coverage

At the moment, reverse geocoding is available in the following countries:

    We regularly expand and improve our data coverage.

    Do you have a requirement for a particular country or dataset? Get in touch and we'll let you know where it is on our priority list.

    Reverse Geocoding Pricing

    Our pay-as-you-go pricing is a quick and easy way to get started with reverse geocoding, and we also offer enterprise plans for high-volume usage. Pay-as-you-go credit packs are valid for 12 months, all prices exclude VAT.

    If you have any questions about pricing, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

    Price per address

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    6p(£60 / 1000)

    Price per address

    0.35p(£3.50 / 1000)

    5.8p(£58 / 1000)

    Price per address

    0.35p(£3.50 / 1000)

    5.5p(£55 / 1000)

    Price per address

    0.3p(£3.00 / 1000)

    5.2p(£52 / 1000)

    Price per address

    0.3p(£3.00 / 1000)

    5p(£50 / 1000)

    Price per address

    0.3p(£3.00 / 1000)

    4.8p(£48 / 1000)

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