WooCommerce Address Validation & Autocomplete

The #1 way to quickly find accurate addresses in WooCommerce

Address Validation Plugin for your WooCommerce checkout, with autocomplete, postcode lookup & accurate postal data

  • Works on the billing & shipping fields in your checkout
  • Accurate Royal Mail address data from 3p / address
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WooCommerce Address Validation & Autocomplete

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Address Validation for WooCommerce

Stop incorrect or hard-to-find addresses causing delays with deliveries with Swiftcomplete's Address Validation Plugin for WooCommerce

Increase conversion rates

Simplify your checkout and significantly reduce the time it takes to type an address

Capture accurate addresses

Swiftcomplete's flexible search captures accurate billing and shipping addresses in your WooCommerce checkout, with address data from the Royal Mail

Reduce missed & failed deliveries

Rural addresses and houses with names can be hard for couriers to find, causing delays with deliveries

Our Address Validation Plugin is what3words enabled, reducing failed deliveries by giving customers the option to provide a pinpoint delivery location, without needing to add an extra field to your checkout

Get started with our step-by-step guide of how to install Address Autocomplete in WooCommerce.

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Village Maid Cheese

"The Swiftcomplete WooCommerce plugin allows our customers to checkout in record time, while what3words helps them do this even faster and ensures orders arrive on time, without risk of the delivery driver getting lost."

Josh Wigmore

Village Maid Cheese

How the Plugin Works

Address Autocomplete

Realtime autocomplete suggestions as you start typing

1. Start typing

Start typing

2. Click to autofill form

Click to autofill form

Postcode Lookup

Type your postcode and select from a list of matching results

1. Type your postcode

Type your postcode

2. Select from list

Select address from list

3. Click to autofill form

Click address to autofill form

Start capturing accurate addresses in your WooCommerce checkout today

Get up and running in minutes with our handy quick-start guide

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What3words enabled for hard-to-find addresses

What3words divides the whole world into 3x3 metre squares. It's ideal for helping couriers reliably find difficult addresses (particularly rural deliveries where postcodes cover a large area)

Swiftcomplete provides an easy way for customers to provide a precise what3words delivery point alongside their postal address


Accurate what3words delivery point in WooCommerce

Accurate address data

Swiftcomplete's Address Validation Plugin uses accurate postal data from the Royal Mail to ensure that you never have to worry about having an invalid shipping address

No additional charge for WooCommerce Plugin

The WooCommerce Address Validation Plugin is available for the same price as our standard address lookup, with no additional charge for the plugin, setup or updates

Free customer service

Our team of experts are always here for you, with free customer service over email, live chat or phone

Start capturing accurate addresses today

Our Address Validation Plugin is quick and simple to install in your WooCommerce checkout

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