Places API

Intelligent location search for your website or application

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Flexible, customisable location search

Instantly receive relevant suggestions from the moment you start typing a street, place or postcode.

Restrict searching to specific countries or areas, and customise the type of results that you'd like to return per API key.

Fuzzy matching increases match rates by handling typos, abbreviations, missing words and accented characters.

Find results faster with location biasing

Location biasing significantly reduces the number of keystrokes required by searching near your current location first (determined by your IP address).

Ecommerce sites and high street stores can preset bias location(s) towards their most popular delivery areas, and for even greater accuracy, users can share their precise location.

Quality data, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

We combine data from leading data providers (see our data attribution) with our own in-house datasets to provide rich, detailed coverage.

Our unique Artificial Intelligence extracts and formats extra information from the user's query that may be missing from postal datasets, such as floors, suites, building names and numbers.

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