Address Autocomplete

Add address autocomplete and location typeahead search to your website or application with the Swiftcomplete Places API

  • Instant results with coordinates as you type
  • Match full or partial place names, addresses and postcodes
  • Find relevant results with location biasing and typo correction
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Swiftcomplete Places Autocomplete

How it works

Flexible searching using any part of an address

Start typing an address, street, place or postcode and instantly receive relevant suggestions.

Fuzzy matching increases match rates by handling typos, abbreviations, missing words and accented characters.

Search using any part of the address
Swiftcomplete Places uses loction biasing to find addresses faster
Find results faster with location biasing

Location biasing reduces the number of keystrokes required to find an address by up to 75%, by automatically searching near your current location first (determined by your IP address).

Ecommerce sites and high street stores can preset bias location(s) towards their most popular delivery areas, and for even greater accuracy, users can share their current location to find addresses in a couple of keystrokes.

Enhanced coverage with Artificial Intelligence

Results are returned correctly formatted for each country, with highlights to show the user which parts of their query have been matched.

Our unique Artificial Intelligence provides better coverage by detecting extra information from the user's query that isn't present in postal datasets, such as floors, suites, building names and numbers.

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To provide the best user experience, Places can be customised and integrated to suit your individual app or website.

Here are three popular ways of using Places - if you'd like to discuss your use-case with us, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

1: Single Line Address Autocomplete

Automatically populate address fields from an autocomplete search box

This integration reduces the size of your form by only showing address fields once an address has been selected.

Integrate single line autocomplete

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2: Postcode Autocomplete

Automatically populate address fields from a postcode and building name or number

Enter the building and postcode, and Swiftcomplete Places will fill in the rest of the form.

Integrate postcode autocomplete

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3: Multi Line Address Autocomplete

Attach autocomplete to each field of your form

This integration adds autocomplete to each field, allowing the user to enter their address one field at a time.

In this example we've put the postcode field first, as this increases the relevance and reduces the amount of keystrokes required - you can set up your form in any order you choose.

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Integrate multi line autocomplete

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