Geocoding API

Find the latitude / longitude coordinates for addresses, streets, places & postcodes with the Swiftcomplete Places API

  • Attach coordinates to addresses
  • Simple integration with online documentation
  • API lookup, autocomplete and batch geocoding available
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Swiftcomplete Places Autocomplete

How it works

Flexible geocoding using any part of an address

Start typing an address, street, place or postcode and instantly receive relevant suggestions, complete with coordinates.

Find coordinates as you type using the autocomplete integration, or with full text search through the raw API.

Search using any part of the address
Swiftcomplete Places uses loction biasing to find addresses faster
Find streets & places near coordinates with reverse geocoding

Location biasing reduces the number of keystrokes required to find an address by up to 75%, by automatically searching near your current location first (determined by your IP address).

Ecommerce sites and high street stores can preset bias location(s) towards their most popular delivery areas, and for even greater accuracy, users can share their current location to find addresses in a couple of keystrokes.

Geocode single addresses or batches of thousands

The Swiftcomplete Places API can be integrated to geocode one address at a time, or to batch geocode thousands or millions at a time.

Swiftcomplete's scalable architecture has been designed to support the demands of the world's largest businesses.

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To provide the best user experience, Places can be customised and integrated to suit your individual app or website.

If you'd like to discuss your use-case with us, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

1: Geocoding autocomplete

Find coordinates by searching for addresses, streets, places & postcodes

Integrate autocomplete geocoding

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2: Geocoding API lookup

Find coordinates through the API by typing a full address, street, place or postcode

Integrate the Geocoding API

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3: Reverse Geocoding API

Find the nearest street or place to a coordinate


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