Product Update

Announcing our new partnership with what3words

By Chris Winfield

We're really excited to announce our new partnership with what3words!
We've been working together with what3words to develop an easier way to provide a pinpoint delivery location alongside your postal address.

How it works

Our new integration means online retailers can offer customers a user-friendly way to specify their exact delivery location alongside a traditional Royal Mail postal address.
Customers can then find their address quickly and accurately, as Swiftcomplete's smart search prioritises displaying postal addresses closest to the customer's what3words location.
For some customers, their postal address may even be displayed straight away, with no additional typing required, making the checkout process quick and seamless.
We've developed two integrations, a single-field search and a multi-field search, and we also have direct API access available for developing your own bespoke integrations.

Single field what3words integration

Our single field what3words integration combines what3words searching with a Royal Mail postal address lookup in one search field.
Single field what3words searching

Single field what3words searching

You can reduce the size of your form by hiding the full address fields until the user has clicked their address.
Simply start typing a what3words address, and when you hit the third word you'll see what3words suggestions. You can either click the what3words address to view nearby postal addresses, or type your building name or number immediately after to find your postal address in a couple of keystrokes.

Multi field what3words integration

Our multi field search splits the process of searching for what3words and postal addresses into separate search fields.
Multi field what3words searching

Multi field what3words searching

If you provide a what3words address in the first field, the postal address field uses location biasing to automatically prioritise nearby addresses.
Location biasing prioritises addresses near the what3words address

Location biasing prioritises addresses near the what3words address

Our location biasing tech means that you can find your accurate postal address in a couple of keystrokes.


We're really excited about the possibilities with our new what3words integrations, and we have further partnerships in the pipeline to announce in the coming months.
If you have any questions or feedback, get in touch and have a chat with our team.

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