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Swiftcomplete address autocomplete now available in France

By Chris Winfield

We're pleased to announce that we've expanded our data coverage, and the Swiftcomplete address autocomplete & geocoding APIs are now also available in France.
Swiftcomplete now available in France

Swiftcomplete now available in France

This update adds 25.4 million French addresses to our address autocomplete API & integrations, allowing seamless cross-border address autocomplete between the UK & France without needing to preselect the country - great for e-commerce & CRM systems.

How French address autocomplete works

With Swiftcomplete's French address autocomplete, you can search for addresses by the building number, street or postal code.
When your address appears, click it to populate the correctly formatted postal address into your form.
Our address lookup API uses location biasing to automatically prioritise addresses near your approximate location first, reducing the number of keystrokes it takes to find a full address.
It's possible to restrict address results to just one (or a list of) countries, and you can also preset a starting point or coordinate to prioritise addresses towards on your API key or in your account. This is useful for local e-commerce sites or businesses like estate agencies to find addresses in the local area faster.
Integrate France address autocomplete with Swiftcomplete's integration builder

Integrate France address autocomplete with Swiftcomplete's integration builder

To get started, try our integration builder, where you can demo & download ready-made integrations.


This update is available in our address autocomplete API from today, and we're in the process of finalising data for six further countries which will be available shortly.
Is there a country or dataset that you'd like us to prioritise? Get in touch and we'll let you know where it is on our priority list.

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