Product Update

Creating easier ways to integrate our address & location technology

By Chris Winfield

As a developer, I spend a fair amount of time integrating various services and APIs, and I think it'd be fair to say that some are easier to integrate than others.
Since we launched our new address autocomplete and what3words address validation services, we've been asking ourselves "How easy is it to integrate Swiftcomplete?".
With this in mind, this month we've been focusing on the developer journey - making it quicker and easier to get started with our demos and integrations.

Try our new integration builder

To simplify the developer journey, we've created a new integration builder, where you can download or try ready-made templates for common address and location integrations.
Initially there are five integration templates to try, and we'll be adding further templates and code samples over the next few weeks.
Trying address autocomplete with Swiftcomplete's integration builder

Trying address autocomplete with Swiftcomplete's integration builder

I'm really keen to make it as quick and easy to try our address search technology as possible.
I find it frustrating when demos are hidden behind a contact form or sign up page - you should be able to get a feel for how Swiftcomplete could work on your site in seconds without needing to contact sales or schedule a call.
Our integration builder has live demos that you can try right away, with full code snippets and downloadable demo files to help you get started.
If you find a template that looks interesting, you can download it and use it as a starting point for your integration (you'll just need an API key to run it locally).


We've had great feedback from customers and partners who have tested our integration builder, and we're in the process of adding extra functionality and updating all of our API documentation.
These improvements are a continuous process and the developer journey is really important to us.
Is there something that you'd like to see us focus on? Get in touch and we'd love to hear your thoughts.

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